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CCII's mission is to bring material, medical, educational
and caring support for orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children
worldwide, regardless of their race, religion, or national identity.

Introduction to orphanages in Ukraine

Our first visit to the orphanages in Ukraine was in 1999, after hearing about the children from an American woman who had adopted her son from an orphanage in Odessa.  She told us of the sad conditions, the hundreds of institutionalized children, and the lack of the most basic needs by children who had no other home.   She asked if we could help. 

During our two week stay, we visited several orphanages; among them, #1, #5, #9, Alexandrovka, and the Boys’ Detention Center/Rehabilitation School. There were children from infancy to 17 years of age. Most appeared healthy, but there were many with illnesses and severe handicaps as well as developmental disabilities.   

CCII became determined to find a way to make each child feel special, to feel that each had a purpose, that each one mattered and that others cared about them. A bond of friendship had also been formed with the Ukrainian people. 

Establishing New Hope for Children as a non-profit organization

Following our initial visit to Ukraine, with the help of an attorney who volunteered his services, New Hope for Children was established in 1999 as a 501c3 non-profit corporation dedicated to provide aid and relief services for the orphaned and abandoned children of Ukraine. 

Aid & Relief Projects/Activities by New Hope for Children 1999-2011

Large shipments are sent annually to orphanages #1, #5, #9, #34, and to  the women’s prison orphanage for babies.  These shipments contain blankets, winter jackets and coats, and new pajamas, socks, sweaters, hats, gloves, and scarves, and health/medical supplies.  Additionally, toys and candies are sent for the younger children, and backpacks filled with donated school supplies are sent for the older children.   Baby blankets and infant wear have been provided each year for the babies’ orphanage. Volunteers wrap and pack each item  When requests are received for specific needs in other orphanages, aid is given. This includes the Boys Rehabilitation School, Slobadka #1, and Belgorod #2.   

Ongoing and continued aid & relief activities and projects of New Hope for children include the following:

           “Children Helping Children” programs

Car washes, coat drives, garage sales, and “giving tree” collections are activities organized and carried out by American schoolchildren, who each year want to send  presents, including hundreds of their Beanie Babies, to the orphan children in Ukraine.  They become very involved and excited knowing that they are reaching across the world to connect with their Ukrainian peers.    

            Fund for larger item purchases in Ukraine: 

Mattresses were needed for the orphanages and money was wired to purchase  more than one hundred mattresses.  The largest number was allotted to the handicapped girls’ orphanage. Photos clearly showed the joy on their faces as they saw the mattresses they received. 

Floor covering was needed in Orphanage #34 in the two large rooms where children sat on cold concrete floors.  Beautiful parquet design linoleum was purchased and installed in both rooms to provide some comfort for the children during the cold winter. 

Cribs were provided for the babies’ orphanage. 

Beds were purchased for Orphanage #1

Corporate Donations:

Standard Textile Company granted New Hope for Children a huge shipment of institutional bedding:  (1500 sheets, towels, thermal blankets, pillows, and mattress pads), shipped to Ukraine by New Hope for Children.

Loews Theater Management Corp. donated computers and monitors for a computer lab in orphanage #5.  

Vermont Blanket Manufacturers discounted to cost, 600 blankets to give warmth to children in one orphanage when heat was lost during winter. 

Holy Name Hospital in New Jersey donated $8,000 dollars worth of healthcare and hygienic supplies and equipment.

Canadian Clothing retailers gave 800 pairs of blue jeans for the older children in #5 and #9. 

Jansport Corporation:  Backpacks donated for graduate students entering university.


  • Volunteer Artists’ for Children Project

Artists from “Splashes of Hope,” invited by New Hope for Children, transformed a large room in #5 into a colorful recreation/study environment with a  4-wall ceiling to floor mural of underwater sea life.  All paints and supplies to complete this project were provided by our team, along with furniture (tables and chairs).   Photos show the children’s joy when they entered this space for the first time.

  • Medical Volunteerism

In 2001, a team of maxillofacial surgeons from Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City volunteered to help the children with facial deformities, especially cleft palate.  Working with Ukrainian surgeons, they performed cleft palate and other corrective surgeries for the children. at no cost.  They also donated their equipment to the clinic before leaving.  The team was headed by the Chief Surgeon at Mt. Sinai Hospital, who organized the team and the workshop presentation.

  • Self-sustaining Programs

Graduation achievement reward Project:

Through a dedicated donor from Ohio, backpacks filled with school supplies (binders, paper, pencils, pens, erasers, markers, etc.) are given as graduation presents to children leaving orphanage care.  Toiletry packs containing shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste are given to each child as well to begin self-sufficient, independent living, in the larger society.  

Teen Scholarship Program:

When graduating students wish to pursue a profession, or an opportunity for vocational job training, sponsors in the U.S. are sought to support their living expenses while they pursue the necessary study.  Communications are established between the student and his/her sponsor.  Ukrainian and American volunteers assist in translations, and in monitoring progress. 

Upon completion of study, the graduates then enter the workforce and support themselves, becoming an important participant in the society, and contributing to the country’s economy.  Further information on this program can be made available.

Every attempt is made to match students with sponsors whose work is in the student’s choice of study, offering a broader base for communication.  When circumstances allow, the sponsor may invite the student for a future visit.  It is also possible that, at some point, the sponsors will visit Ukraine.  The main objective of the program is to provide the student a means for successful independent living, and to create relationships that support/mentor an orphanage child with hope in his/her future. 


This is a non-language dependent program that involves peer communication through art exchanges .  American and Ukrainian school children communicate about their favorite place, their dream for the future and, with a self-portrait, their appearance.  A name card has the child’s name in both English and Ukrainian, giving each an experience of the other’s language, as well as a shared experience of their individual lives and culture.  Such experiences help to shape a reality for future life goals.  Art supplies for the drawings are provided by the participant American school, and/or by New Hope for Children.  More detailed descriptions of this program are available as well. 

Grant: United States Library of Congress Open World Leadership Program

CCII New Hope for Children was awarded a grant to organize a nine-day program designed to enhance knowledge of voter registration, voter monitoring activities, casting ballots, and NGO development for six young leaders of Ukraine. The program afforded the young leaders an opportunity to work with their professional counterparts to develop an understanding of the U.S. approach to democracy and a free-market economy. The program’s objective is to enhance the role of these young leaders in the future development of Ukraine. 


            Annual Breakfast of Love & Caring Fundraiser

The major funding source for New Hope of Children Aid & Relief projects is the annual Breakfast of Love & Caring, which occupies most of a year to produce.  Additional  support  comes through direct appeals, raffles, and donations.  Children often donate even small amounts of gift money to help an orphan child.  The success of all projects depends   mainly on financial assistance, and on volunteer support.  


            New Hope for Children can only operate with the help of many volunteers who give  freely their time and labor. Their generosity makes it possible for the work of New Hope for Children to continue.  Through them we raise funds to support the activities we provide. The Breakfast fundraiser itself requires months of preparation.  Throughout the year, volunteers are ready to work whenever their help is needed.  It is a difficult task, made possible only through the dedication of many good-hearted individuals who believe that showing love and support for less fortunate children is the reason for their efforts.  

Future Projects; as funds allow:         

            A small bus or van is needed to transport children when necessary, especially for medical care when a doctor is not present in the orphanage.    

            The Greenhouse Project Nutrition is another major concern.  Greenhouses can provide nutritious food year round, and can distribute to a number of orphanages.  Greenhouse technology and horticulture are also job skills for older children.  

            Laundry equipment is desperately needed.  Young children, handicapped, and babies especially are in need of clean bedding and clothing,  Presently, machines are broken, and the funds to repair them, or to purchase new ones are not yet available.       

            Bathroom repair and/or reconstruction is another need.  Broken and rusted pipes, cracked walls, sinks, and toilets all make life more difficult for children.            

            Expanded Scholarship Program to support a greater number of students to achieve higher education at the university level. 

            Computer Lab  to construct a full technology lab for each orphanage with graduating students, to obtain at least a full year of computer skills prior to leaving the orphanage.      


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